Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Actress Cossy Orjiakor recently called out on the Nigerian police for failing to take any action when she reported her case after she was accused of sleeping with dogs by a journalist, but were swift to take action when a lady claimed on social media that she had slept with a dog.

In her post on social media, the actress said she felt insulted that the Police Force refused to act on her case.

She wrote: “Sometimes a lifetime award turns out to be a lifetime shame…that’s when Nigeria happens to you. Pls @nigerianpoliceforce @nigerian_police_force, I reported this case years ago. But I was just a naive girl …a nobody. It was all over the news. Cossy Orjiakor slept with a dog and got HIV.”

“My image…emotional trauma…my career everything went down the drain. I lost my sense of purpose. Up till date, no justice…no apologies…Nothing. It’s really an insult to me when the Nigeria Police went after the girl on TikTok that jokingly said she slept with a dog.

“What about me that was in the magazine headline. Am I invisible?

“Please solve this case and punish whoever is found guilty. Either Cossy the girl that supposedly slept with the dog or the peddler of the news, who is now a politician in Lagos State.”

Orjiakor narrated how she went into hiding in the heat of the incident.

“The pictures that went viral were actually taken on the set of a movie she was acting in at the time. It was a make-believe thing.

“Besides, there were a lot of people around (on the set), including the director and his wife. I don’t know if he (the journalist) was just trying to promote the movie, because actually, I knew him in person.

“He was dating a friend of mine and she even tried to intervene. He just put the story on the cover of the newspaper. It was so bad that even churches used me to preach. I was looked down on.

“Everybody was scared that period because they thought I had HIV/AIDS. The journalist actually included it in his report that I had contracted the disease. I had to run away for my safety. But, even when I ran away, they contacted my father and told him that I acted in a pornographic movie. It was so bad.”

By Nwosu Chizoba David

Nwosu Chizoba David is an entertainment and football lover, promoter, analyst and writer. He aspires to make a name in the media company. He is the CEO of Soccercruz (News site, Podcast, Radio and Television). email:, phone number: +2348063046744.

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