Mon. May 16th, 2022
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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is unhappy with Romelu Lukaku after his declaration on the situation at Chelsea.
Lukaku, earlier this month in an interview with Sky Sports revealed that he is not happy with the situation of things at Chelsea and that he could return to his former club Inter Milan in no distance time.
This declaration came few days to one of the biggest league showdown against Liverpool as the two sides bid to keep pace with Manchester City in the Premier League title race.
Tuchel was asked for his reaction to Lukaku’s interview: 

 “I don’t like it because it brings noise that we don’t need. It’s just not helpful.

“On the other side, we don’t want to make more out of it than it actually is. You know very well how it is – it’s very easy to take lines out of context. It’s very easy to shorten lines and make headlines, then later realise that it’s not so bad and maybe not what he meant.

“But let’s be honest that we don’t like it.”

The German tactician also revealed that Lukaku did not discuss with him about his feelings before granting a live interview.

Tuchel further said that the striker’s feelings would have been dealt with behind close doors.

The coach assured fans that the matter will be settled behind closed doors.

He further stated that the players were angry to drop more points and that Lukaku’s comment will cause no problem within the dressing room.

“The dressing room is not necessary to be always in harmony,” he said. “It’s absolutely not necessary to be successful.

“You don’t have to hug each other, love each other every single day. Sometimes it’s good to be on the edge and be a bit in disharmony, in between certain boundaries.

“The thing with Romelu is I don’t think that anybody in this building is aware that he’s unhappy, and that’s what makes us surprised about these statements.

“So first of all we need to check because I see no reason why it should be like this. We wait for what Romelu says and then we will deal with it.”

Tuchel disagreed with the suggestion that Lukaku will be returning to Inter Milan, saying: “This is what you read into it. I did not read it completely.

“It’s very easy to take lines out of context and make headlines to get the best out of these interviews for several days.

“If it’s an important player, I totally understand the process and that’s why it’s a lot of extra noise.

“We are not here to just read the headlines and maybe we can take the time to try to understand what’s going on.

“It does not reflect the daily work, attitude and behaviour which Romelu shows here.”

By Nwosu Chizoba David

Nwosu Chizoba David is a soccer lover and writer. He is a graduate of Biological Sciences, presently teaching in a secondary in Lagos.

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