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Cristiano Ronaldo has hit back at criticism he’s received since his return to Manchester United.

In the first few weeks of his second stint in England, the Portuguese star has been criticised for not working hard enough defensively for his team, but he has wasted no time in defending himself.

“I know when the team needs my help defensively,” Ronaldo told Sky Sports.

“But, my role in the club is to win, help the team to win and to score goals. [The defensive side] is part of my job.

“The people who don’t want to see that is because they don’t like me, but, to be honest, I’m 36 and I’ve won everything so am I going to be worried about the people who say bad things about me? I sleep good at night.

“I go to my bed with my conscience very good. Keep going with that because I will still close mouths and win things.”

He does, however, realise that criticism is part of the job when you’re a top player.

“Criticism is always part of the business,” he added.

“I’m not worried about that. And I see it as a good thing, to be honest.

“If they worry about me or they speak about me, it’s because they know my potential and value in football still. So, it’s good.

“I’ll give you an example. If you’re in a school and you’re the best student, you ask the worst student if he likes the best and they’ll say they don’t like him.”

After the draw against Everton at Old Trafford on October 2, Ronaldo was visibly upset by the result as he muttered to himself as he left the pitch.

“I don’t like to lose,” he stated,

To draw against Everton – who have my whole respect – at home is like a loss.

“Maybe I’m thinking wrong, but this is the way I motivate myself and win stuff during my career and I play for the most important clubs in the world.”

Ronaldo has no intention of changing his ways any time soon, despite the criticism that may come his way.

“So, as I said, criticism will always exist here,” the Portuguese said.

“I’m not hiding from that and, to be honest, I really don’t care because I know football is like that.

“My reactions are what I feel at that moment.

“Most of the time when I talk it’s very, very positive. But, sometimes, depending on the game, maybe you say things that you don’t agree or whatever but it’s me.

“Everyone knows me. I’ve always been like that; I’m not going to change now with my age. I will always give 100 percent for this club and my reactions are part of what I am. I don’t want to hurt anybody.

“I know there will be eyes on me because of what I am, what I achieve, what I win.

“They don’t want to give me credit for the good things. They’re always going to find the bad things. But, for me, it’s not a problem.

“Life’s a constant lesson and I still learn with my mistakes, trying to improve the next game.”

He also spoke of what he said in his speech to the squad when he returned to the club.

“I said what I felt in that moment, that I’m here to win things,” he said.

“Manchester United is a sign of winning things and I’m not here for holidays.

“I said to them I see huge potential in this team. They have very young players, players with potential, and I’m here to win and to help the team to build new stuff.

“I didn’t sing because I told them that I sang a few years ago! But it was good. The boys, they understand me, it was a good speech and I was happy that night.”

By Nwosu Chizoba David

Nwosu Chizoba David is an entertainment and football lover, promoter, analyst and writer. He aspires to make a name in the media company. He is the CEO of Soccercruz (News site, Podcast, Radio and Television). email: zobanwosu88@gmail.com, phone number: +2348063046744.

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