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Manchester United fans believe Bruno Fernandes missed his injury time penalty vs Aston Villa on purpose – as a way to get manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sacked.
Fernandes blazed his spot kick wide on Saturday afternoon as United slipped to a 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.
The Portugal international is often ice cold from the spot and had scored 22 of his last 23 from 12 yards out.

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It has seen United fans online sensationally claim he missed on purpose, even providing footage to ‘prove’ it. You can judge for yourself.

The video begins with a message of: “This miss was not an accident.”

Fernandes’ penalty is then shown and Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of saying “well done”, despite only giving his teammate encouragement.
An incident involving Steven Gerrard and Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson follows .
Hodgson left Liverpool in 2011 after suffering a 3-1 loss to Blackburn Rovers

Gerrard missed a penalty that evening at Elwood Park and Reds fans are convinced he did it on purpose, after taking a quick glance at his manager.

The clip above attempts to prove that both incidents are similar, although the chances of Fernandes wanting Solskjaer sacked are incredibly low.

Fernandes arrived at United from Sporting CP in January 2020 and has helped transform the club.

He posted a lengthy statement on Sunday morning apologising for his miss .
“Nobody is more frustrated and disappointed than me for missing the penalty and the consequent defeat,” he wrote.

“I’ve always assumed my responsibilities and I’ve always embraced them under pressure in moments like this.

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“Today, I failed. But I took a step forward and faced the challenge with the same ambition and responsibility as when, on the many other occasions, the ball ended up in the net.

“Criticism and contrasting opinions are a big part of football. I’ve learned to live with it, even using them to drive me on, and I consider it all a very important part of my commitment to never stop trying to become the best player I can possibly be, for me and the team.

Deal of the day

“Today I once again took the responsibility given to me almost since I joined United and I will take it again without any fear or dread whenever called upon.”

By Nwosu Chizoba David

Nwosu Chizoba David is a soccer lover and writer. He is a graduate of Biological Sciences, presently teaching in a secondary in Lagos.

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